Russia’s central bank plans to ban cryptocurrency investments due to risks to financial stability. This was reported by Reuters.

According to media reports, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is negotiating with market participants and experts for a possible ban. One of the interlocutors of the publication stated that if the initiative is adopted, the restrictions will not affect the owners of previously acquired digital assets.

Another source claims that the regulator’s position is a “complete rejection” of all digital currencies. The Central Bank said it would comment on the issue in a special report.

In September, Russia’s central bank classified bitcoin exchange transactions as potentially suspicious and advised other banks to pay attention to them and even block them in case of suspicion of money laundering.

The regulator also opposed the access of unskilled investors to cryptocurrencies, using them for payments within the country, and called Russian investment in bitcoin a possible problem.

A month ago, a report was released estimating the annual volume of cryptocurrency transactions at around $ 5 billion.

The head of the State Financial Market Commission, Anatoly Aksakov, said Russian authorities were now discussing various options for regulating the industry, including a total ban on investing in cryptocurrencies.

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